“Madness? This is Black Fridaaaaaaay!”


The title pretty much sums up yesterday. Especially if you happen to work in retail. I felt like one of the 300 Spartans facing the thousands of Persians with little more than a shield (the register) and a spear (the phone). Let me tell you, that 30-minute lunch break was MUCH needed. As was the gesture of kindness from the store manager who ordered pizzas for everyone. I still wasn’t prepared for the madness, or the rush, or whatever you call the frenzy of people running to get to “that item” they just can’t live without for “that price”.

I’m also smarting–which is the only word I can think of to describe the general ache and exhaustion that has encompassed me this (the following) morning. But on the whole it was a good day, and being a writer, I had to bring my characters into the madness with me. The only ones who fit this time would have been my Scion of Truth characters: Cody Wesson and Sarah Johnson.

Cody would be in the madness, using the flurry of activity as a disguise for his otherwise “devious” plans; taking advantage of the fact that cops and government officials would be too busy with the chaos to pay one man any mind. Sarah would have preferred to just sit on the sidelines and watch the chaos–not wanting to participate in any of it. Though doubtless there would come a point when she would be dragged needlessly into the fray.

Myself, I would have preferred not to participate, but there is something that takes hold when you’re surrounded by hundreds of people all eager to spend their money at the same time on (nearly) the same product. One man made off with pretty much the entire shelf of ProPlan, given the sale price. Honestly–if people would think more about others instead of loading up only for themselves, there wouldn’t be this issue of running out of stock. But perhaps being thankful for what one can get is more appropriate than being thankful for getting only what one needs.

I’m grateful I survived the chaos of yesterday so that I can gear up for another skirmish today–in keeping with the battle metaphors. Lord, help me.

So that being said: Which of YOUR characters would participate in the Black Friday madness? Would they buy out the store? Just what they need? Or would they save young children from being trampled? (Arien would buy out the Tabasco sauces; Nathan would stock up on arrows and bowstrings; Kate would take shelter in a quiet corridor unless someone needed help.)

Feel free to let me know in the comments! And thank you to all those cashiers, managers, and employees who worked yesterday–I feel your pain–and whether you feel like it was a victory or a loss, your fellow co-workers and the customers (even the ungrateful ones) were thankful that you showed up. Because we’re all in this together. And may today be less crazy.