Simply Irresistable: Daily Prompt


So the daily prompt from: asks: What is the one food that I cannot pass up? Tricky question.

Breakfast would have to be pancakes. I love pancakes. And bacon.

For meals, I’d have to say it’s a toss up between Indian food (I love me some curry!) and Chinese food (beef and chicken and snowpeas–yum).

Desert would be a toughie, but it’d have to be Chocolate Pie in a graham cracker crust or Chocolate Chip Chiffon Cake with homemade frosting. Those are really my downfalls.

Now, for my characters, that’s a whole OTHER ball park.

Let’s see, Arien Chase, my snarky medieval swordsman from a series I’m in the process of writing, is addicted to Tabasco Sauce. Obsessed more like. He puts it on everything, smothering his dishes with it. To his companions’ disgust. And the pet wolf he has, has learned to associate the name of the sauce with him–so anytime Tabasco is mentioned, she tackles Arien.

Hassan Issa, my Arabian Knight (yes literally), really likes curry, for all that he’s Saudi Arabian. He jokes sometimes that grilled camel would make for a great treat–but that’s usually when he and his steed are at odds with each other. (Yes, he rides an honest-to-God camel–what else would he ride in the desert?)

And Clutch, my Artificially Intelligent car character, prefers the Supreme line of gasoline and the top of the line premium oil.

Most of the rest of my characters will eat whatever, without complaint. But these three stood out most to me amongst my dozens of characters for having specific wants and likes.

If you want to know more about my characters, feel free to visit them at getting into trouble I couldn’t imagine on my own.

Also: A huge thank you to those who have begun following me. I look forward to returning the favor!